The Plantation System

The core component of a phytopharmaceutical is the plant extract. Consequently, the extract’s quality, as well as the cultivation method, weather conditions, and the starting plants themselves, play a crucial role in determining the efficacy of the extract and the medicine derived from it. At Juwel BioPharma, our team of experts meticulously oversees good agricultural and collection practices (GACP) and these conditions within our own plantations in Egypt.


Prior to processing, botanical raw materials undergo comprehensive analysis for ingredient composition (Metabolome), microbiological content, pesticide residue, and heavy metal purity parameters in accordance with the updated European Pharmacopoeia. Only raw materials that successfully meet these criteria are utilized to produce botanical drug substances and botanical drug products, commonly known as phytopharmaceuticals.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) that have demonstrated their efficacy and tolerability through clinical studies.

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