JUWEL BioPharma

A German startup specializing in the research, development, manufacturing, quality assurance, marketing, and distribution of phytopharmaceuticals.

Juwel BioPharam is also stays updated with the regulatory requirements for herbal medicines in Germany (European Medicines Agency, EMEA) and other relevant markets (Food and Drug Administration, FDA). This includes obtaining necessary approvals, complying with labeling, and packaging regulations, and adhering to safety and efficacy standards.

Chief Executive Officer

JUWEL BioPharma is managed by Dr. Farag Sayed, who as Managing Director the Executive Team. Farag is a biotechnologist/cannabis entrepreneur, B2B, cGMP and GACP expert. He is experienced in international quality management and risk management systems, GMP and GACP.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Juwel BioPharam in partnership with multiple research entities and the German government (BfArM), Juwel seeks to expand the portfolio, access additional resources, and enhance your research capabilities.